5 February 2017

Big Questions

Sometimes a question is so big that, for many well-meaning people, it is too big to see. Two examples.

(1) There is much compassionate concern for people who have got themselves trapped in structures of Adultery.

BIG QUESTION: Is this the first human age in which people have felt sexual temptation, and have sometimes fallen victim to it?

If not, why does this age demand novel ways of circumventing the objective sinfulness of adultery?

(2) There is much talk about Discernment, Accompaniment, Gradualism, and Conscience, as applied to those in objectively adulterous relationships.

BIG QUESTION: Does all this stuff apply only to adulterers, or does it also apply to all sinners, including embezzlers, paedophiles, murderers, wife-beaters, human traffickers, torturers, rapists, economic exploiters of the poor, blackmailers, racists, exploiters of prostitutes, perpetrators of genocide, drug-traffickers, etc. etc..

If not, why not?

There is a phrase "Not seeing the Wood for the Trees".

Some people at the moment examine in minute and immensely sophisticated detail the finer points of Discernment, Accompaniment, Gradualism, and Conscience. They seem always to have in mind the more comfortably 'vanilla' sexual sins: Adultery dressed up to look like Marriage; genitally expressed Homosexuality dressed up as Marriage.

In so doing, are they not making the mistake of examining every leaf of one particular tree under a microscope with such single-minded concentration that they fail to notice the Forest?

At least prima facie, such people look to me like folk who have a desperate compulsion to find, by hook or by crook, a by-pass which will enable them to drive right round "Thou shalt not commit Adultery".

Why can't we drive round the other nine Commandments too?

Why is it necessary to talk about Sin at all?

Why don't we just murmur, with the Zeitgeist, "Stuff happens"?

Why should anybody ever go to Confession ... or be baptised?

Why did Christ die?


Anonymous said...

I suggest the last question is: "Who is Christ?"

Flea said...

Thank you Father. It is nice to see someone put it all so simply. I might add that those of us who are constantly working to refrain from sins of the flesh, which I imagine is a good bulk of the population, don't want to be told that we should just go ahead and sin anyway because it's all too difficult for us. God always offers enough grace to overcome temptation. It's amazing how prayer, good books, and exercise seem to chase away temptation and lead to living a better life.

sebastian said...

The new world order relegion that sprung up out of Vatican 2 and knows no bounds won't be long before they get tucked in to the rest of the ten Commandments after all what we hear out of the Vatican in recent years is we are the church of change .I believe in around the year 1057 or so the Greek Orthodox told Rome that if you change one word in the creed what's to stop you changing more now after Vatican 2 they changed the whole creed,and now with Francis at the helm the whole faith is up for grabs

Mark Docherty said...

This is exactly correct. "For I am the Lord, and I change not." Mal 3:6. God laid down the Law, Christ reinforced it, and it remains unchanged in every age. God exists outside of time, hence the dogma of Immutability. It's really just as simple as that. https://nonvenipacem.com/2016/04/13/al301-and-the-dogma-of-immutability/

Servant said...

Your questions should be posted all over Rome!

D.E. Meikle said...

Shhhh Fr Hunwicke.. we're in a post reason age now... ;)