16 November 2016

S Edmunde Abendoniae, ora pro nobis

How clever of the Moon to go into overdrive so as to illuminate and emphasise the Festival today of S Edmund, Patron of the diocese in which I am domiciled (Portsmouth; I am of course incardinated into the Ordinariate). This suddenly occurred to me as I was halfway through the Reading at Mass: "quasi luna plena in diebus suis lucet".

At Lauds and both Vespers, we have the V Nobis in hoc exsilio, sancte Pater Edmunde. R Caelestis patriae amorem, quaesumus, infunde. Antiphona Dilexit iustitiam et odivit iniquitatem, propterea moritur in exsilio.

A good day to be mindful of all the exiles in the world, all the millions of them.


tradgardmastare said...

Not to mention St Margaret, co Patron Saint of Scotland.
Ora pro nobis.

Anne B said...

"As the moon on the lost through obscurity dawns:
The Serpent's destroyer a Lily mid thorns.
Through thee may we come to the Haven of Rest
And see Heaven's King in the Courts of the Blest!"