29 October 2015


For some reason, my computer is behaving erratically; I have recently dealt 'at the hand-gallop'* with 30 or 40 submitted comments. I apologise if, by accident, I have deleted comments deserving to be allowed.

I have deleted some comments which appeared to me to be suggested by a sedevacantist mindset. Sedevacantism is the purest nonsense. Nor will I allow any comments on the Sovereign Pontiff our Holy Father Pope Francis which seem to me to go beyond the limits of Fair Comment.

One comment I deleted because, in two lines, it contained two typos. If you are too busy and important, after dashing off your opinions in a couple of lines, to check them, then please don't bother with my blog.

*Dryden commenting on Ovid's hexameters. 

1 comment:

John the Mad said...

Two typos. O' the humanity! This is clearly not the year of grammatical mercy for Ordinariate clergy. At least we have been warned about the threshold. No gramatical pastoral solution to be had here.

As for the Sedevacantists, they are indeed beyond the Pale. In the words of Chesterton, "What is the one man's breath is the other man's poison; and it is vain to talk of giving pestilence a place in the sun." Banish away.