1 October 2015

A rather cheeky hint

An enormously big thank you, ------- ---------,  for The Consolations of Boethius as Poetic Liturgy. It has already transformed me: I now chatter over the dinner table about shiny new Aurality and Literacy, rather than boring old Orality and Literacy. I really am grateful.

Which brings me on to a crude and vulgar hint which I haven't quite liked to make before. I really am grateful when kind people send me books within my parameters of interest; some people have been doing that for some years now, and it has made all the difference to my life (not to mention, to this blog). Some bloggers need funds for food and journeys and life: Pam and I live very modestly and survive on our Old Age Pensions and my Church of England pension; and when people invite me to give addresses or conferences or lectures or retreats or whatever, I do my best always to oblige (and very much enjoy doing so) as long as they can handle my travelling expenses.

But books ... yes, I know I could order them up and go and otch from buttock to buttock on a hard chair in Bodley and solemnly read them; but as I motor through my seventies I seem to feel less like doing things that way. And Bodley seems to take an inordinate time between receiving books and processing them through onto the shelves.

Anybody who wishes to be in touch can simply send a 'comment' to this blog. Those that are clearly personal I delete. But, if you need a reply, I do need your email address.


Paul Hellyer said...

Books; you can get them over the internet. Just install Calibre and that programme will search hundreds of sites for the book you want. You can then read it on an eReader.
Love your blog

Pontiacprince said...

Have you been to Canada or planning a visit to this colony?

Ivan said...

I think our host prefers physical books. I surely do!