8 October 2015

A splendid occasion, last Saturday, in Westminster Cathedral ...

... to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the priesthood of Mgr Andrew Wadsworth. Solemn Latin Mass in the Ordinary Form in the Cathedral's 10.30 slot (Fr Andrew had celebrated a High Mass in the Extraordinary Form with his fellow Oratorians in America).

Father Andrew is not only one of the best priests and kindest men I know (he has been very good to Pam and myself), but has played a crucial role in one of the most important parts of the return to orthopraxy which took place in Pope Bendict's pontificate and in the last few years of that of his predecessor: the gift to the Anglophone Latin Church of liturgical texts which are usable without offence to God and skandalon to the plebs sancta Dei.

Also present and concelebrating was the mighty Mgr Bruce Harbert, Fr Andrew's predecessor as boss of ICEL.

Two truly great and learned men, who deserve our eternal gratitude, and not least every time we take part in a vernacular Mass. Ad multos annos, plurimosque annos!

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