9 January 2015

Update on killing

I have noticed, on Google, a crossed black ribbon. I may have got this wrong, but I suspect it may be a symbol relating to the tragically murdered French Secularists; a mark of solidarity, perhaps, of grief?

Fair enough. I have given my views on the foulness of taking even one human life. Even a criminal life. Even an unborn life.

Has Google been waggling black ribbons around while thousands of Christians have been murdered in the Middle East and in Africa?

Why not?

What is the going 'Google tariff', I wonder? Is one Secularist life equivalent, perhaps, to 10,000 Christian lives? Would that be near the mark? It would be nice to know. Just how cheap do they hold Christian blood (or, for that matter, Islamic blood) to be in relation to good, pure, Secularist blood?


Elizabeth said...

Just the latest example of why I (and many others) simply boycott Google Search Engine completely. I've been using Bing exclusively and am very happy with it. No doubt the Bing people are liberal secularists too but at least they don't flout it on their Search Engine. Check them out, Father.

Jacobi said...

More to the point Father, if I may, has the Church, until very recently not been strangely reticent about the slaughter of Christians in Africa and then in the ancient Christian lands of the Middle East?

Were we not told as late as November last that Islam was a religion of peace?

Michael Leahy said...

This over-reaction of the secularists to the deaths of their colleagues is symbolic of their cowardice. A couple of handfuls of deaths and their cup brimmeth over with blood. Imagine the hysteria if/when the numbers begin to really mount up. These people have nothing to believe in except their own wretched skins. They are ripe for submission and the Islamicists know it. And they know that the secularists know it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Father, for this post. You are completly right. At the same time when every western government is busy to express condolence notes to the shooted persons in France (less 20 in total), in Nigeria the Boko Haram sect of admirers of Mohammed is killing thousands of People and burns down entire Christian villages. The respective News are found - if written - on page 5 of the newspaper somewhere under the little daily news, never on page one, and often without mentioning that the victims are mainly Christians. Not to speak of te millions of abortion victims which nobody mentions at all. In Germany, you read about one time a year a small notice about this years statistics with the number of victims of this war. That's all. 3 lines in total, if any.

grahammoorhouse said...

The whole secularist project is riddled with hypocrisy: They bang on about the rights of their cartoonist to produce offensive, depraved, blasphemous cartoons whilst sacking an American fire chief for mentioning, in his own time, that he did not agree with gay sham-marriage.

Graham Moorhouse