30 January 2015

blessed Charles Stuart

Read on The Josias an interesting document from the hand of Pope Pius VI.

Et Carolus Stuart propter odium fidei beatus martyrium subiit qui aviae suae vestigiis a corona ad coronam immarcescibilem insecutus est. Nonne ille, putas,  ...

Dixit Dix: "Was ever such a command [Do This] so obeyed? ... Pope Leo doing this in the morning before he went out to daunt Attila, on the day that saw the continuity of Europe saved; and another Leo doing this three and a half centuries later when he crowned Charlemagne Roman Emperor, on the day that saw that continuity fulfilled. Or again, Alfred wandering defeated by the Danes staying his soul on this, while medieval England struggled to be born; and Charles I also, on that morning of hs execution when medieval England came to its final end".

Cuius precibus omnes adiuvemur protegamur salvemur.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Hunwicke,

Since the link is missing in the post, here it is:


Thank you for the endorsement of our work. We appreciate it.

Patrick Sheridan said...

Beate Carole, ora pro nobis!

Joshua said...

I suppose, however, that first Mary Queen of Scots and Louis XVI ought be canonised by some future Pope - Benedict XVII?

If Spain's Queen Isabella the Catholic were to also be raised to the honours of the altars, alongside Bl Karl of Austria, then it would be a grand joint-canonisation indeed.

Woody said...


Pastor in Monte said...

Catherine of Aragon first! A martyr for marriage, never more timely than in our days.