19 January 2015

Allahu Akbar

I fancy I was not the only one to follow Fr Zed's link to a video clip of the execution by ISIS of an adulterous woman.

What a horrible, Devilish, sound it is, Allahu Akbar, when heard rising above such bloody atrocities and sickening offences against the Merciful One. How often the shouting of it in these last 'ISIS' months must have been a blasphemy.

How badly those poor deluded people who shout it need the grace and mercy of our Most Holy Redeemer, our Lord and God Jesus Christ, the only Way and Truth and Life, the only Name under heaven by which I, or any Moslem, can be saved.

Pity those Christian Nigerian schoolgirls, through their Baptism members, limbs of Christ, forcibly 'converted' by Boko haram to a foul cult and shared out as sexual loot.

Pity all, priests and layfolk, Christian men and women and children, whose last moments of cruel suffering have been defiled by this cry.


Anonymous said...

Exáudi, Dómine, pópulum tuum cum Sanctórum tuórum patrocínio supplicántem: ut et temporális vitæ nos tríbuas pace gaudére; et ætérnæ reperíre subsídium.

umblepie said...


Highland Cathedral said...

I note that you have closed comments to your post ‘Queueing up’. Pity, as I wanted to post a comment in your support. However, I hope that you will permit me to ask a question which has nothing to do with the Middle East. You began your post by referring to the three Kingdoms. I am curious. I know that prior to 1603 or 1707 (take your pick), England was a kingdom and Scotland was a kingdom but where does the third kingdom come from? Ireland was, I think, a kingdom but Northern Ireland was never one. Wales is only a principality.

Jacobi said...

The world, Christian and Secularist, is at last waking up, or rather admitting to, the reality of the threat from Islam, and considering how to deal with it, not just in America and Europe but at last in the Biblical lands and in Africa.