8 November 2014

Mgr Anthony Ward

I think it is a shame that Anthony Ward has been sacked from the CDW; and it is particularly bad news for those whose liturgical bias is to make the best they can of the Novus Ordo, and who hope to see it evolving on sound lines. He has done a vast amount of scholarly work on the texts of the B Paul VI Missal, and knows which bits are ancient and from the traditio, which bits are novelties, and which bits have been tinkered with, and why. Such men are a lot rarer than they used to be.

Depending on how long this pontificate lasts, I cannot help wondering if Reform of the Reformers might increasingly find themselves in the position of having to acknowledge that the Vetus Ordo is not only the Gold Standard, but is also the only practical way ahead.

The LMS does provide training courses ... one is never too old ...


Deo volente said...

Father John,

The priests of the F.S.S.P. are usually only too happy to train priests in the Vetus Ordo. In the U.S., they arrange training courses in the summer which are quite popular. Also, the Sancta Missa Society has a marvelous tutorial on their website located here:


Finally, I'm sure priests such as Father Tim Finigan in Margate would be happy to train someone "one-on-one". This is done frequently in the U.S. An Ordinariate priest was trained to do so here in Baltimore and celebrated this Mass on Fridays.

Pax tecum!

Tradical said...

Dear Father,

The SSPX likewise is happy to provide training in the Tridentine Mass (Vetus Ordo).

I believe they also have a 'kit.