26 November 2014

Google it, Hunwicke it.

A reader offered recently a comment which suggested that he did not know the general outlines of the Ordinariate Mass (which has not been formally published, perhaps because there are thoughts of tidying up a few rubrical details).

I remind readers of the Search Mechanism attached to this blog. Many things can be discovered from this ... within the general limits of what I'm interested in ...

I was dealing with the Ordinariate rite fairly recently: one example ... 29 September.


rick allen said...

Gratias ago.

RichardT said...

Aha, I have just found your search device; on my machine it is hidden behind a stripe announcing "This site uses cookies to help deliver services."

I offer this for anyone else who is similarly confused.

Thank you Father; being able to search your blog removes one of life's lesser irritations.