8 November 2021

Long time ago

I believe today is the anniversary of the august occasion in 1745 when HRH the Prince of Wales, bearing a Commission of Regency, entered the Kingdom of England leading the troops of the King his Father.

Why do I care about such things? Because I wish to subvert ... even if only for myself ... the Whig View of History.


Leofric said...

Everyone's been whigged. There are no Tories. The "Tory" Party label is a mocking reminder. No one call Lib Dems "Whigs".

John Patrick said...

This post prompted me to research what happened in 1745 and the Jacobites in general, also to look up the British Whig party. It always seemed to me that the exclusion of Catholics from the throne and the so called "Glorious Revolution" causes one to doubt the legitimacy of the royal succession since then. Of course to change this now would also require the disestablishment of the C of E which might not be a bad idea since it seems to be disappearing anyway.

armyarty said...

The Whigs are to blame for the American Revolution, and gave rise to the "Establishment" that was behind the abdication of Edward VIII, Irish partition, and Bloody Sunday in Derry, as well as mass immigration, and a host of other ills. The "Establishment" is analogous to the Deep State that has placed the puppet Biden in the White House.

Oligarchy dressed as representative government.

Grant Milburn said...

The Year of the Prince.
Bliadhn' a' Phrionnsa.

On Uicipeid:


Grant Milburn said...

"The Whigs are to blame for the American Revolution..."

Ah, is that why Flora MacDonald supported the '45 Scottish uprising against George II, but not the '76 American uprising against George III?

I had thought it was just a quixotic desire to be on the "wrong" side of history- "Wrong but Wromantic" rather than "Right but Repulsive", but it could be a consistent anti-Whig stance. That must be what endeared her to Dr Johnson.