2 May 2014


I am coming up to a busy period, involving visits, Deo volente, to Cornwall, Texas, Italy, Wales, and Sussex. Not being very computer literate ... and not having a mobile phone or any of those little machines one sees people clutching on trains ... and not knowing how to access my blog or my emails from other people's computers ... I shall be able neither to write any new posts from the places I shall be in, nor to read and moderate Comments. I have accordingly disabled the capacity of my blog to receive Comments. This is not permanent; but is likely to remain so for a number of weeks. Since it is rather arrogant to set oneself above criticism, when I return to normal I shall make it possible for any who wish to comment on the posts of the previous period, to do so.

However, being fond of the sound of my own voice ... as we say ... I have, over the last few weeks, built up quite a 'bank' of precomposed pieces which are scheduled to pop up automatically. You will probably find that a lot of them give the appearance of commenting on what were the burning issues of some weeks previously! This is because, I am afraid, that is precisely what they will be.

I am sorry to be going incommunicado, and will myself miss the worldwide sense of daily contact, and of tolerant or even kind appreciation, which is provided by dealing with comments and contacts. I hope to get back to that when the Conference Season is over.

Over, then, to Autopilot! Roger, or whatever they say, and out!