28 April 2014

Psssssssst ... there is Irony in what follows .......

We once did a Summer Locum in the Church in Wales back in the lovely days when it still existed, and I very much liked it (and the Welsh people, just as I do the peoples of Cornwall and the County Kerry). A shame it is no more. It is good to hear of signs of the growth in Wales of the Ordinariate. (No irony in this paragraph. Honest!!)

According to the media, the 'archbishop' of its surviving rump has talked about divorce and pseudogamy as being justifiable in terms of Evolution. You won't catch me disagreeing with him. Herr Hitler, another progressive ethicist, very plausibly took the view that "Thou shalt not Kill" was also rendered obsolete by Evolution. Indeed, he sincerely and passionately believed that the Darwinian mechanics of Evolution through the Survival of the Fittest justified his own extremely consistent and totally scientific policy of Eugenics. Who am I to condemn him? (Some irony here, I'm afraid.)

I think it is most unfair for anyone to criticise Hitler for losing the War by just one single mistake. If only he had not delayed the start of Barbarossa, Wales could already have been a Nazi paradise more than half a century ago. (Beware of irony here, too.)


Fr. Michael LaRue said...

[unsuppressed chuckling]

Ah, Father, you do give me hope!

David Murphy said...

I do indeed appreciate the irony, Father John, but there are things so distasteful that one should not be ironical about them, and the extermination of millions of Jews by Adolf Hitler is one of them.

Living as I do in Germany, I am very aware how careful Germans are to avoid any comparison with Hitler or any understatement of the atrocity of his crimes. The Catholic Church does well to comply with this reluctance (especially when one bears in mind the commotion caused by the lifting of the excommunication on Lefebvrist "bishop" Williamson, who vehemently denies the Shoah).

Fr John Hunwicke said...

David: I deeply respect your views and your proximity to German culture. I can only say that, faced with the daily holocaust of the unborn, I feel that the comparison with Hitlerism should be made. The extermination of the Jews was hard-faced murderous Fascism; the killing of the unborn is soft-faced murderous Fascism. But murder and Fascism remain murder and Fascism.It is the skill of the Devil that this needs to be pointed out.