21 May 2014

I'll let you into a secret

With regard to those two posts, taken of course from Fr Bernard Walke's Twenty years at St Hilary, there is one detail which he omitted. He wrote "other images were substituted for those carried off". The detail? Aware that a raid might be imminent, Fr Walke had removed from the church some very fine statues, and had replaced them by cheap plaster statues. When the mob had cheerfully taken away the latter, the former were put back in place ... indeed, in the precise words he wrote in his account, "other images were substituted for those carried off"!!!

When the organisers of the Protestant mob realised what had happened, they were immensely indignant and accused 'Fr Ber' of deceit!

Ah, the wonders of Proddy morality! Shall we ever understand it?

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