19 April 2011


I give notice that, on May 3, this blog will enter upon a Summer Vacation. There are some academic pieces that I need the leisure to complete.


Juventutem London said...
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Rubricarius said...

Bugger!, to use that AS term what will you be doing about the transferred feast of SS P&J in England?

Woody said...

What, no more Father H (for the vacation)? Am to be left to the newspapers?

Could you at least remind us Murricans how long the Summer Vac is in the UK these days so we have an idea of when to expect a return?

In any case, please keep us all in your prayers.

tubbs said...

I suppose we could resort to methadone during your leave.

Flambeaux said...

I shall miss your verve and erudition. But I'm looking forward to seeing you in July in N. Texas.

May you have a productive sabbatical.