14 April 2011

The Bishop of Bruges

Oh dear! I gather he was the most exciting, charismatic, of the Belgian bishops.

Peter Ball was undoubtedly the most exciting and charismatic of the English bishops. And, across the sea in Ireland, Eamonn Casey, aka Mr Annie Murphy, wowed the folk of Kerry and then of Galway. Kerry is still filled with the aging, embarrassing, Modern churches he built. He vandalised Killarney Cathedral in an incredibly exciting and charismatic way.

Being exciting and charismatic seems to provide dangers to the soul as well as sometimes to cathedrals.


Anonymous said...

Being charismatic may just not be the way to heaven

GE said...

St. Francis was 'charismatic'. So was St. Philip Neri and Padre Pio.

But in these cases, it was abundantly clear that their 'charisma' did not arise from their own personalities but from something outside them.

Robert said...

When will the Bishop Nourrichard of Évreux be asked to leave.


Father Anonymous said...

Amen. In more ways than I can ever say aloud.