27 January 2010


Some erudite and very readable threads attached to my posts on Laudate and S Eugene. Not always much to do with what I wrote, but ... what the Hell?


Michael McDonough said...

I have tried to make amends with my last post there. The alleluia thread was very good and informative.

GOR said...

Thank you Father for letting us 'ramble on' also!

Figulus said...

You also have my thanks, father. I'm not sure why I've enjoyed posting my silly comments so much, but I have.

That is why it is so important to keep separate the sacred and the profane in the liturgy. When the two mix, it is the sacred which is inevitably hijacked, and the profane is inevitably the hijacker.

That is why the world's most visible liturgical blog suffers inevitable droughts to the raging dust storms of politics, birds, and Chinese food. Not that there is anything improper about it, it is, after all, just a blog. But I must say, Father, that your own postings provide a very reliable oasis to someone who wants to learn daily a new thing about the liturgy, even though we commenters have not always followed your lead.

Again, thanks.

Joshua said...

Thanks for letting me piggyback on your blog when I needed a recondite query answered. After all, where else to go?