31 January 2010


A lovely sunny day; so I took an hour off from proof-reading the 2011 ORDO to walk up to the watery wastes of Port Meadow in case the Tame Kingfisher were there. He was!

(What on earth does "streaming" mean and why does Fr Zed use that word whenever he's been birdwatching? I shall never be a proper blogger till I get all this arcane jargon straight.)


Mark M said...


'Streaming' is Father Zed referring to video. You can get videos on computers in two ways: the first, one has to download the entire video before being able to watching it; whereas, in the second way, one downloads it as one watches. This is called 'streaming', because your computer is only downloading so much as you need to watch the segment currently being displayed.

Rubricarius said...

I wondered if 'streaming' was the way Kingfishers plunge into the water (with their eyes closed - unlike a cormorant) after a fish and then emerge in a flash of scintillating blue.

Perhaps I am being to Jungian in my thinking but are there sychronicities with tOrdo compilers and their proximity to Kingfishers be they on the Isis or Lea?

Michael McDonough said...

Fr. H,

Mark M's comment is correct. And unless you wish to get into the business of streaming -- which Heaven forbid! -- regard the whole thing as a huge temptation!

I have grave reservations about the streaming from WDTPRS. I think it is not properly controlled; bits keep getting pushed to my machine (I can tell from the "information messages"). Never fear: being a blogger does not entail being a streamer!