13 January 2010


I sometimes - particularly when Pam is away visiting her rather poorly Mother - feel like relaxing in the evening with a bottle of wine and an EF High Mass on my computer screen. I don't like those old grainy black-and-white videos with a commentator's voice superimposed; and I don't like the things which are divided up into endless sections of four or five minutes each, so that I have to keep hitting buttons on my computer to get continuity.

The only possibilities I enjoy at the moment are that Sacred Heart High Mass from Flavigny ... but the young men do seen a trifle ... er ... excessively kempt. And there is the Last Sunday after Pentecost Sung Mass from the Anglican Chaplaincy in Paris, S Nicolas de Chardonnet, which now has to be accessed via the Wikipedia article on the church concerned.

Is there anything else?


Rubricarius said...

The daily 'webcast' from St. Gertrude the Great Church in Ohio.

Calendrically good, a Missa Cantata - and often the interesting phenomenon of a Pontifical Missa Cantata! Perhaps a praeter legem custom for the Colonies?

The singing by the children at the school is not displeasing and the concept of daily sung liturgy admirable.

johnreuben said...

The canons regular of St John Cantius have several videos here:


Peter said...

Five of them here http://www.ewtn.com/liturgy/traditional/Archive.htm

Anonymous said...

The Chardonettes are SO last decade.

Our favourite Parisian shrine has long been one of Dr Ratzi’s official outposts, Saint-Eugene. Tantalising video snippets here http://ceremoniestridentines-sainteugene2010.blogspot.com/ and here http://ceremoniestridentines-sainteugene.blogspot.com/ supplementing loads of photos.

And far better music than in the 5ème.

johnf said...

I found this on Fr Ray Blake's blog this morning

PetarZrinjski's Channel

I recommend the Old Roman Catholic Chant Popule Meus

Betcha you can't say Petar's surname after your bottle of wine!

Anonymous said...

Here is a full Mass with +Williamson as celebrant: