26 December 2009


Being Ecological is all the rage. I sometimes feel tempted to put together a Traditionalist list of Things To Do To Save The Planet. Follows a ragbag of random thoughts dashed off in note form, and in no particular order, inviting comments and contributions.

Divorce/broken families mean that there are more households guzzling energy: Mrs Smith and the children in the house; Mr Smith in a flat somewhere. Outlaw divorce and tax punitively separation.

Fasting and Abstinence: much food is consumed; much meat consumed (which means more cereals used growing meat). So: Pius V and Prayer Book rules on Lent, Fridays, Vigils.

The bathorshoweraday culture means the consumption of energy cleaning water and heating it. Chemicals used? Tax them; and also the chemicals produced to 'hydrate' the skin which the chemicals and the washing have dried out.

When I was in teaching I gathered that the women students washed their hair every morning ... and then again in the evening before setting out to socialise. Manufacture of chemicals? purifying water polluted by chemicals? Ecological consequences of the "You're worth it" culture? Tax the shampoos, and the chemicals which are advertised as repairing the damage the shampoos have caused, in the sort of punitive way nicotine is taxed? (What are 'conditioners'?)

Cut back the endless socialising of the urban young with its economic and ecological cost (and temptations to immodesty) by returning to a once-weekly outing with approved suitors ... and back by midnight.

Discontinue public funding and resources for unnatural medical and surgical interventions: plastic surgery; IVF; 'transgendering' ...


Anonymous said...

lanteriderlsdA good list father but you forgot to mention the excessive consumption of plastic in package and excessive energy consumption.

Michael McDonough said...

Are you serious? You mean "change" that we can believe in, and actually control?

Nonsense. It would put the civilized industrialized world out of bidnez, to say nothing of what it would do to socialism!

johnf said...

A good list Father. did you know that Chavez of Venezuela has prohibited singing in the shower as 'people who sing in the shower stay there for far too long as they go through their repertoire and waste water'

I would try to do something to counteract the throwaway culture. I have a pristine Sony Music Centre 10 years old - but the CD sticks and the tape decks seem to have stuck.

Getting it repaired is difficult - probably the cost of a new one but I am loth to throw it away.

By the way - Happy Christmastide! I think that I am allowed to wish you this until 2 Feb.

Joshua said...

Get thee to a nunnery or monastery!

Any decent monastic establishment rejects newfangled nonsense such as electricity, and - by dint of manual labour - runs a low-carbon economy.

As in olden Tibet, an admirable society can be maintained if a large fraction of the people enter holy religion.

And if worst comes to worse (irreversible climate change / Chinese invasion) at least everyone is all prayed-up and ready to pass on from this miserable and naughty world.

Civitas said...

Brilliant! As an environmental attorney practicing in faraway Texas, I will share your insights with my peers at the upcoming meeting of the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

I will anticipate your offering a Sarum Rite funeral Mass when I a rewarded as was St. Stephen for his efforts to inform the public.

Civitas said...

Brilliant! I practice environmental law in the faraway State of Texas (not to mention that my wife and I were the first couple married in the restored Anglican Use) and I look forward to sharing your insights with the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

I will anticipate your offering a Sarum funeral Mass after I am rewarded as was was St. Stephen for his efforts to tell the truth to the ideologically driven.

BillyD said...

Is not bathing daily really "traditionalist"?

Rubricarius said...

Some of us have already succumbed to the aesthetic plastic surgeon's knife (though you may not think so!).

A better tax perhaps on the multiplicity of Eucharistic celebrations. One celebration on one altar per day and a massive fine on anything above?

And again, following, my comment a few days ago we could follow Lady Whiteadder's counsel on what to do when we are cold - by energy efficient means of course.

GOR said...

Another thought Father – bring back detached-collar shirts for men. No need to wash the whole thing, just replace the collar! And if they have double cuffs, you can turn them around also, whence you could make one shirt last a week, at least! Not sure you’d want to stand too near someone who did this, though. But then we all have to make sacrifices to save the planet…

It would also provide employment for the manufacture of back-studs, front-studs and cufflinks and have the added advantage of resolving the problem of what to get assorted gentlemen for Christmas, birthdays, etc.