14 October 2009


I know this will lose me lots of friends, but I have decided that the Winner in the Limerick Question is Sue Sims, whose limerick seems to have a delightful unforced quality to it. I proclaim her Hujus Blogguli Laureata.

Changing the subject ...
the other day my wife was cornered by a gentleman who addressed her about his atheism and lifestyle. He concluded by saying "I live by the Nine Commandments". Quick as a flash, she retorted "That's an unusual name for a pub". Who wouldn't love a girl like that?

I can't think of a riposte anything like as good. My poor attempts are
"Really? I have been told that Adultery is a much overrated pastime", and "Gosh, how interesting to meet someone who covets his neighbour's Ass".

I bet noone can think of a better one than Pam's.


William said...

Ah, well. It is, as is well known, the lot of the great artist to be unappreciated in his lifetime.

I look forward to the vindication of posterity. Qualis artifex …

Unknown said...

possibly one could refer to
de quincey's that a little
murder one thought nothing
of at the time can lead one
down the slippery slope
to deadly faults like
but I do not quite see how
to make that an elegant riposte...
perhaps something like (drawled)
Im sure in your case the excluded
commandment is a trivial one
but even if it is only the
sixth I cant help remembering
De Quincey's remark etc

this doesnt work does it?
well anyhow yours
+Seraphim Sigrist

Sue Sims said...

Fr. Hunwicke, I'm touched beyond measure
By your kind commendation - what pleasure!
I'm eternally grate-
Ful for my Laureate:
For it gives me prodigious pleasure!

(Apologies, too, that I'm late
In responding to that Laureate:
Life's now such a slog
That I can't check your blog
Every day - so please don't be irate!)