2 October 2009


I see that tomorrow Cardinal Bertone is to take possession of his Cathedral Church at Frascati.

Wasn't that the Church of the Cardinal King, where he conducted the funeral of Charles III?

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William Tighe said...


I first made the acquaintance of Fr. Aidan Nichols in Rome in August 1985. Three of us made an excursion to Frascati where, after seeing the cathedral and the cardinal-king's memorial tablet in it, we recessed to a cantina where we consumed porchettas and a liberal quantity of the local vino. Then we trekked to the top of old Tusculum, where we saw the theatre. At this point Fr. Aidan informed us that there was a "back way" down that we proceeded to take. In the course of our descent, we had to climb a style into a field, and when we were well into the field we saw a large-ish bull at the far end which appeared to be watching our progress with fixed interest. Reaching the bottom, we found ourselves trudging along a deserted country road in the midst of the mezzogiorno heat, until at length we came upon a hovel where a placard announced watermelons for sale. Entering to obtain one, Fr. Aidan found not watermelons, but a couple on the floor behind the door engaged in rendering what we may piously hope was the marital debitum. He retired in some disconcertation, but soon a crone appeared, who sold us melons. We then trudged on until reaching a main road, where we caught a bus to Frascati. We then proceeded on to Palestrina and than, after some time there, took the highway around Rome to Lake Bracciano, where, at Trevignano, we had a long leisurely evening meal at the lakeside "Casina Bianca," which I had discovered on an earlier journey, in 1974. All in all, a memorable beginning to a valued friendship.