16 October 2009

Have a snort

Last Sunday, a most diverting interview on the wireless (yes, I am unashamedly non-U) about the latest committee decision with regard to wyminbishops; a discussion involving Father Master General and some feminist woman. He did the Reasonable and Moderate Act that he pulls off so well (how does he do it? Why do I in contrast always end up sounding like a raving bigot? There's no need to answer that. I am working very hard to emulate his manner of scrupulous courtesy always and in all places towards and about those with whom we disagree).

But she, poor girl, must have allowed herself to be situated too close to the microphone, because all through the interview we could hear her puffing and snorting and pawing the ground like a thwarted stallion.

Daft cow.

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The Religious PĂ­caro said...

I thought that "wireless" was U and "radio" non-U...