26 September 2009


I feel quite chuffed to see THREE photographs of myself on the NLM blog

See if you can identify me!


Rubricarius said...

Yes, you are the improperly dressed cleric in choir on the Epistle/Decani side:

a) wearing a biretta rather than holding your cap;

b) wearing a strange white square-necked garment instead of your duly appointed choir dress of a proper surplice and tippet.

c) Is there a prize?

Woody said...

I thought to look first under the article on "Anglo-Saxon Find in Staffordshire", but I gather instead you are in the solemn profession of Br. Lawrence Lew, OP, in choir dress. Keep up the good work!

The Religious PĂ­caro said...

You did say a photograph, not a fresco or an icon, didn't you...Oh! There you are!

Anonymous said...

Looks as though you are quite enjoying the Stanford! I love it too! Such sweet Protestant musik.

Just look at the third photo while listening to this...

(Everything's better with a soundtrack.)

Unknown said...

Good heaven's Father! You look younger and more gtrim in those pics than you do in the one you supply for this site.

Now that is surely for the good as it suggests that you will be around longer, dishing out the results of your valuable research.

But on the other hand, does this mean that you don't speak with a sort of deep growl and manifest the miner eccentricities of an aging British scholar?

It's apparent, Father, that I shall have to completely re-imagine you! Sigh!

Unknown said...

An other typo! The word in the second line is trim NOT grim. I don't think I can assume that the right meaning would have been taken in this context as I suppose either word could make sense.