21 September 2009

Catullus and the Continuum

I don't keep in touch with the Continuum, whatever that may be, but could friends who do so let me know if it still attacks me? I don't want to know what, if anything, they say, just whether ...

It occurs to me that, for Latinists who have read Catullus (XXXII), the word Continuum might refer to a species of sexual athleticism which is now well beyond an old gentleman like me.


Fr Anthony said...

Nothing recently. I take a look, with a wan face, at this blog most days. He is going on about his worn-out idea of "Anglican identity", but he is leaving you alone.

Some of us continuers are stuck where we are, and we do what we can - nothing is ever easy, but we are not all of the "Continuum" ilk, but looking forward to being in communion with Rome.

I ask your prayers, Father.

Fr. Anthony

William Tighe said...

Well, not it appears that I am the "Exhibit A" there:


Independent said...

I had never seen it before and read it with great fascination as an interesting conpendium of historical beliefs about the Reformation which were current when I was young. In spite of the heroic efforts of MacCulloch the old Anglo-Catholic theory still lingers on.

Thank you for calling the blog to my attention. I have also because of your blog greatly enjoyed reading Dr Tighe's book reviews, and rejoice that he is an admirer of Dr Mascall whom I can remember regarding with awe.

Warwickensis said...

I wouldn't let the Continuum Blog worry you too much, Father. I once used to contribute the odd reflection on the Continuum Blog when it was a little less insular, but now that they are trying to provide rather tortuous anti-Roman sentiments to justify their identity and why it must remain pure and removed from what we know to be the Anglicanism of the past, I think rather I'll stay away. All a storm in a rather small, anti-Roman tea cup.

I much prefer reading your work instead, so please keep it up, and, as Fr Anthony would say,

Oremus pro invicem.

Andrew said...

I am also reminded of the use of the term in physics. If an electron is given a strong enough perturbation, it is excited out of a bound state (associated with the nucleus), and into the continuum, where it wonders off into oblivion.

I tried to post a comment there a couple of days ago after seeing a series of anti-TAC/Anglo-Catholic posts. My view concerned the reasonableness of reunion with Rome, and politely asking why Fr. Hart was so threatened by this. The comment was evidently deleted.

Anonymous said...

Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone
Feeding her flock near to the mountain side.
The shepherds knew not, whither she was gone,
But after her lover Amyntas hied,

Up and down he wandered...

Si, ch'io vorrei morire!

Warwickensis said...

Ah Silly Soul! ;)

Paul Goings said...


One of the ironic things about the Continuum 'blog is that many of the prominent commenters are not, in fact, regular worshippers at any actual church whatsoever. One admits that he has found all existing Anglican conventicles to be wanting in some way, and so conducts services for himself at home.

If this is what is meant by Anglican identity, then they are welcome to it!

Independent said...

Looking at it again I am struck by the fact that contributors are so very long- winded and ignore completely such a key doctrine as the Royal Supremacy. They talk as if the C of E in its early years was a free agent able to choose what it would teach rather than accept what the state ordered.