15 September 2009

Irish referendum

A reminder/call to prayer to all those who think that a Lisbonised Europe will be one that increasingly lies vulnerable to the imposition of the Zeitgeist and in which it will increasingly difficult to resist anti-Christian morality, particularly in the spheres of Life issues and Sexuality.

I support financially an organisation called COIR. They do admirable work in facing the pressures in Ireland for Abortion; I support them rather than British organisations because Ireland is one of the few countries in which the matter is still being fought over. And COIR are vigorous young people who propagandise attractively with effective roadshows, do not mind being roughed up by the Plods (Gods, I suppose, in Ireland), and get into colleges and universities. They are refreshingly free of a middle-aged desire to be restrained and responsible.

After the Referendum, I suspect that their coffers will be rather empty. Irish law prohibits us foreigners from financially intervening in Irish politics, but afterwards will be another matter.


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