21 August 2009

Rum things, Calendars. This...

... morning I would have liked to say Mass of S Pius X and to have prayed specially for the brethren of the SSPX, but I was using the EF, which provides otherwise. Come to think of it, so were the brethren of the SSPX, so they didn't commemorate Papa Sarto either. They and I will have to wait for September 3, which is S Pius' festival in the EF Calendar. But stay: that day will be, in the OF Calendar, the festival of S Gregory the Great, Patron and Solemnity in the Western (Ebbsfleet) District, a day when I shall be saying the OF Mass, and therefore keeping ........

The only solution I can think of is for Bishop Andrew to proclaim S Pius X also Patron of his Apostolic District, and for Bishop Fellay also to make S Gregory Patron of the SSPX and for the SSPX and the Ebbsfleet District to amalgamate (FSSGPX: Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sanctorum Gregorii Piique X) and to conduct joint negotiations with the Holy See.

If the cost were a agreement that we would all use the 1962 liturgical books, this is a sacrifice I would be prepared to make.

That's so obvious that I can't imagine why it hasn't occurred to anybody else. Come along, bishops. Digiti extrahendi.

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