4 August 2009


A recent article in NLM deals with Masses at which there is not even a server present. Needless to say, I dealt with all this on my blog quite a time ago. Read it first here. Mistakenly, NLM claims that the post-conciliar Missal makes no provision for Mass a solo. But Para 211 of the 1969 Instructio Generalis, amended by para 254 of the recent edition, prescribes the omission of the Greetings, Monitions, and Blessing.

Erroneously NLM suggests the omission of Greetings and Blessing when the EF Mass is said a solo. Somewhere - I think it is in his book The Celebration of Mass [I don't have it to hand] - O'Connell gives the rules laid down by the old Sacred Congregation of Rites for Mass a solo and it is quite clear that apart from the modifications listed in these decrees everything is to be said and done.

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Anonymous said...

Laurence O'Connell's The Book of Ceremonies (1943, Bruce Publishing) P. 58, says just that, "everything is to be said and done." So reiterates JB O'Connell's The Celebration of Mass (1956, Bruce) page 437.

Ritual Notes (9th ed. 1946, Knott) note 487, gives similar approbation; as does Anglican Services (1953, Knott) note 423. See also Joseph Wuest's Matters Liturgical (1959, Frederick Pustet) note 186; L. Kuenzel's A Manual of the Cermonies of Low Mass (1920, Pustet); John Muller's Handbook of Ceremonies, (1927, B Herder)

It would seem the NLM folks are flying by the seat of their pants.