11 August 2009

Nondum beatus?

According to the Calendar of the Church of England, today we have the choice of observing S Clare ... or John Henry Newman. In the modern Roman Calendar, S Clare rules OK; this is her compulsory memorial. So I suppose JHN will get pushed onto tomorrow? Incidentally, in the Old Calendar, S Clare is tomorrow, so I suppose JHN would appropriately occupy today. Unless - Rubricarius could put us straight on this - the day in S Lawrence's octave were to prove too prickly an obstacle. What tricky areas calendar and ORDO making are.

We have angelic doctors, seraphic doctors, and goodness knows what sort of doctors; when JHN is made a Doctor of the Church, qualis Doctor should he be called?

JHN ended his sermon on the Assumption by quoting:
"Her spirit is sweeter than honey, and her heritage than the honeycomb. They that eat her shall yet be hungry, and they that drink her shall still thirst. Whoso hearkens to her shall not be confounded, and they that work by her shall not sin".


Independent said...

Why not the combative doctor?

motuproprio said...

9th October, the anniversary of his reception into the Catholic Church, could be a good date -the Universal Calendar has two optional memoria, (Ss Denis, bishop, and his Companions, martyrs; St John Leonardi, priest).

William said...

How about February 27th (which presumably would become 28th in a leap year), the anniversary of the publication of Newman's great Tract demonstrating how the Articles harmonise with Catholic Faith. A date of profound ecumenical significance which also happens to be free of conflicting observances.

No? Well, it was a thought.

Nebuly said...

Combative? I wonder?

Surely better
The Irenic Doctor?