24 September 2020

Prayer on the Feast of our Lady of Walsingham

Here is the text of the Prayer to our Lady of Walsingham, in use since at least the first edition of the Pilgrims' Manual in 1928 (in more recent decades this prayer was detudorised ... such childishness ...).

Perhaps nostalgic old persons like myself would like to burst forth from Lockdown and make a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy House, back in time to, say, Whit Monday 1960. Or would that be schismatic?

O Mary, recall the solemn moment when Jesus, thy divine Son, dying upon the cross, confided us to thy maternal care. Thou art our Mother, we desire ever to remain thy devout children. Let us therefore feel the effects of thy powerful intercession with Jesus Christ. Make thy Name again glorious in this place once renowned throughout our land by thy visits, favours, and many miracles.
    Pray, O holy Mother of God, for the conversion of England, restoration of the sick, consolation for the afflicted, repentance of sinners, peace to the departed.
    O blessed Mary, Mother of God, our Lady of Walsingham, intercede for us. Amen. 


Unknown said...

As another old coders my memories of 'The National' only go back to 1971. To be honest I can only think of two things I miss from my Anglican days 1. The Anglican shrine. 2 Cathedral Evensong. Though I do maintain a modest and unobtrusive affection for the Church of England Pensios Board.
Prayer duly said.

Fr Frank said...

You reflect on another world Father. I was first at the Whit Monday Pilgrimage aged 10 in 1953. The High Mass was in the Shrine Church, and I remember my Auntie Hilda leaning over and saying to me in hushed tones, "That is Fr Hope-Patten". AND the English Missal was used at the High Altar. Good was it to be alive...….

Shaun Davies said...

There's a lot to miss from Anglican days.I recommend the St Gregory's Prayer Book (Ordinariate,U.S.A.) it is quite glorious. An unfortunate omission is the rather lovely Visit to Our Lady of Walsingham when absent from the OLD Pilgrims' Manual.