27 November 2015

Other blogs, or news

(1) "Most blessed, most glorious" ... I refer of course to Fr Ray and his  "unresting unhasting" Blog ... "Almighty, victorious, thy great name, Father Blake, we praise". A marvellously amusing post about a visiting bishop who nearly got his face 'filled in', as the Gruffer Classes might put it, by the angry husband of one of Fr Ray's parishioners. Ah, the Pastoral Life ...
(2) NLM has a most interesting piece (when is the doyen of all liturgical blogs ever not interesting?) on Cardinal Wiseman's tomb in the crypt of Westminster Cathedral ... I tried to enter an enquiry in the Comments, but I am no good at any of these technical things ... no good, my wife would say, at anything ... the inscription is given as " ... primus archiepiscopus Ecclesiae Westmonasterius ...". Presumably a mistake for "Westmonasteriensis" ... is the mistake attributable to the stone mason or the transcriber?
(3) Dr Dawkins is being cited as being a champion of the Church of England's (thwarted and censored) wish to bring Prayer into Cinema advertisements. What he said was actually to the effect that it is silly to be offended by "something as trivial as a prayer".

Here, I suspect, rather unusually, everybody's favourite atheist ... if you think about it ... may have got the last laugh!


Grumpy Beggar said...

"Here, I suspect, rather unusually, everybody's favourite atheist ... if you think about it ... may have got the last laugh!"

Or perhaps Padre , in the larger scheme of things, the second-to-last laugh ?

John Vasc said...

Father, re your enquiry about the Cardinal Wiseman tomb inscription: I looked at the NLM article just now (presumably the same one you read (25 November, by Gregory Dipippo, reprint of a 2005 article in 'Oremus' by Roderick O’Donnell) and it correctly gives 'Westmonasteriensis'.
"...Cardinalis Wiseman/Primus Eccles[iae] Westmonasteriensis archie[piscopus]"

Perhaps it has had a late correction? Possibly your attempted online comment was received after all, and acted upon.

Gregory DiPippo said...

I corrected the transcription after the good father brought the error to notice.

motuproprio said...

However, the original 'Oremus' article has the erroneous spelling. Can anybody check what is actually carved on the tomb?