30 July 2008

Pax tibi per Crucem

Since the Societas Sanctae Crucis is not as secretive nowadays as we used to be in the 1850s, perhaps I will not be disciplined for disclosing the Master's revelation that what he most disliked after the Synod vote was condescending diocesan functionaries getting in touch to express sympathy with his 'hurt', when all Father Master felt was fury at having been lied to.

Exactly. We must not let them get away with salving their consciences by sentimentality and buckets of crocodile tears. We should tell them where they can put both commodities and express gratitude only for the clarity with which they have revealed their treachery, their innate bad faith, their deeply rooted heterodoxy. We now know for certain that their religion is a different one root-and-branch from ours. Let them get on with their cult of Tash without expecting us to bend conniving knees.

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