5 July 2008


Tomorrow is S Thomas' Sunday; we keep the External Solemnity of the Translation of S Thomas of Canterbury, which occurs on Monday. Today I said Mass (EF) of B Thomas Belston, one of the Oxford Martyrs. Come to think of it, S Thomas More comes about this time; another Oxford man. and ... gracious ... Thomas Cranmer, who died just outside Balliol (a horrid fate) has connections ... and so does Thomas Wolsey, whose arms (including the Cornish choughs he borrowed from the arms of Becket) still flies over his foundation of Cardinal College. There's a sermon here, for next year. Any advice about what I should say?


David said...

Happy Feast Day Father from a parishioner of St. Thomas's Huron St. in Toronto. We will celebrate tomorrow eith a Procession and Solemn High Mass in the mourning , a BBQ and more solemnities at Evensong in the the evening. Just pray it doesn't get too hot and humid as it often does here around this time of year.

David O'Rourke

Little Black Sambo said...

A Solemn High Mass in the mourning will indeed be appropriate, seeing what is going on in the Anglican Church at large.