27 February 2024

Fr Adrian Fortescue again

 " ... even in religious matters the Pope is bound, very considerably, by the Divine constitution of the Church. There are any number of things that the Pope cannot do in religion. He cannot modify, nor touch in any way, one single point of the revelation Christ gave to the Church; his business is only to guard this against attack and false interpretation. We believe that God will so guide him that his decisions of this nature will be nothing more than a defence or unfolding of what Christ revealed. The Pope can neither make nor unmake asacrament, he cannot affect the essence of a sacrament in any way. He cannot touch the Bible; he can neither take away a text from inspired Scriptures nor add to them. He has no fresh inspiration nor revelation. His business is to believe the revelation of Christ, as all Catholics believe it, and to defend it against heresy."


Arthur Gallagher said...

The problem is that PF has embraced Legal Positivism.
After many years of constant change, and widespread
toleration of heresy, we are in a time of crisis that
is the predictable result of policies dating back to
the post WWI period, with plenty of blame to go around.

Art McCulloch said...

Lead us not into temptation.........