25 February 2024

Fiducia Supplicans

 I think a  change has been made in the way documents of the Dicastery for the Doctine of the Faith are presented. And not a change for the better.

In the old days, these documents concluded with a statement that the Roman Pontiff had agreed the document, and ordered it to be be published. But, in the case of Fiducia Supplicans, this is replaced by the words Responsum ad 'dubium'de benedictione unionem personarum eiusdem sexus, et Nota esplicativa. Ex Audientia Die 18 Dicembre 2023 FRANCESCO.

The Cardinal Prefect, in a text he has added to the top of the document, refers to the pope thus: "he approved it with his signature".

Although published in a rich variety of languages, this document has not appeared in Latin. Moreover, there is not (as there sometimes is) an indication of the original language of the text. But one can surmise that it was composed by someone whose Latin had not reached even an elementary stage. (I have highlighted in red two errors in the one sentence ... and should Die be Diei?.)

Cardinal Mueller has pointed out that this document encourages the clergy to commit "a sacrilegious and blasphemous act against the Creator's plan and against Christ's death for us which meant to fulfill the Creator's plan".   

I would disagree with this only to the extent of critcising additionally the employment by the one-time Suprema of illiterates.


Jhayes said...

They have been working over there. Checking the Vatican website, just now:

The document now ends with only the words: “Ex Audientia Die 18 December 2023

The Responsum is mentioned in footnote [2] with the correct “unionem”

Dr Tafaro said...

"I would disagree with this only to the extent of critIcising additionally the employment by the one-time Suprema of illiterates. ?

Thank you for your teaching apostolate.

El Codo said...

I am a simple country parish priest. Not a single person has raised the issue of Fiducia in my humble bailiwicke, a bit like no-one say anything when an aged and loved Aunt farts in company. Should I say something or is it better for the stink to subside and we can all continue in polite company as if nothing had passed under our noses? I think we should be told.

Albertus said...

Much ado about nothing.