19 September 2023

San Gennaro

Englishmen, surely, are entititled to a certain modest pride by the part taken by His Grace Admiral the Duke of Bronte in the Suppression of the Parthenopaean Republic.

I wonder what sort of odds the bookies are offering on S Januarius performing the miracle today?

Is San Gennaro good for people with a dodgy pancreas? Does anybody know a Saint to is?


Fr. David Evans said...

Since the pancreas assists with digestion and with blood..... you have St. Janarius but try St. Timothy or even, St. Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus.

Joshua said...

St Pancras, surely!
God grant that Παγκράτιος be all-powerful with all the flesh of the πάγκρεας.

T Graham said...

One of the 14 holy helpers - St Elmo (looks after tummy ache generally)?

Albertus said...

I had a bad pancreas (amongst other ailments) and prayed to Saints Cosmas and Damianus. They helped, and still help. St. Luke might also be called upon. Though i rather like the idea (here above in the comments) of Saint Pancras for the pancreas!

Gregg the Obscure said...

it would seem to me that St Pancratius might find that within his scope.