11 February 2023

Our Lady of Lourdes*

 " ... de Lapurdo*" in Latin!

Reverend Fathers who don't already know this might be interested in the following: Dom Anselmo Lentini suspected  ("fortasse") Leo XIII of being the author of Omnis expertem maculae Mariam and of Te dicimus praeconio

(Lentini it was who led the coetus which revised the Breviary hymns for the Liturgia Horarum.)

In the latter of those two hymns, Lentini emended Intacta Mater Numinis (itself borrowed from a hymn probably written in the seventeenth century for the Feast of the Purity of our Lady, at that time observed on the Third Sunday in October) to Mater Dei purissima) on the grounds that numinis smelt too much of mythologia.


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