30 January 2010


Tomorrow Traditionalists begin the observance of the three Sundays, instituted probably by Pope S Gregory I, the Great, at a time of enormous tribulation for Rome, Italy, and the World: Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima. On these three Sundays, Pontiff and Clergy and People went out in turn to the three great basilicas outside the City walls, dedicated to S Lawrence, S Paul, and S Peter - which stood as mighty fortresses of prayer and of divine power defending the City. There they prostrated themselves before the Lord and sought Mercy. Strangely, they refrained from asking interesting questions about how the catastrophes which hung over them could be reconciled with the existence of a Loving God. (Indeed, were you to ask me, I would hazard a guess that they would not even have been able to understand the terms of such a question, let alone its overweening hubris.)

I hope you will, on Septuagesima Sunday, begin reading, in accordance with the Tradition of the Latin Church, the Book of Genesis. In a day or two's time I will attempt an explanation of why this is so important.

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johnf said...

Sadly, Septua- Sexa- Quinqua- gesima sundays were thrown into the rubbish bin of history by Bugnini and co.

Bugnini has the distinction of being the chief weapon of Mass destruction so far discovered ...