4 September 2022


It is important that the recent paper by Gerhard, Cardinal Mueller, should be read and taken seriously. He wrote it to be read during the recent Consistory, but ...surprise, surprise ... guess what ... there just wasn't time for it.

Great credit to Lifesitenews for making it available; even greater credit is due to his Eminence for yet another distinguished gift to the Universal Church.


First ... a bit of background. At the start of this pontificate, PF thought that the bishops, for the most part, were behind him and his policies. They just needed to be set free to say what they thought, and then a great wave of joyous Bergoglianity would sweep throughout the Church. So PF made a lot of noise about Parrhesia - the right of free people, without fear, to express their views.

As one of his Argie fixers put it, "he means Mueller can't come after us."


But the bishops, as a body, were woefully unwilling to play the role mapped out for them by the Peronist Pope. Promptly, his strategy changed. The Bergoglian policy now became that of suppressing freedom of speech among the Cardinals and Bishops. Accordingly, PF saw to it that the Cardinals were no longer allowed the liberty, when they met, to discuss matters among themselves. Since they couldn't be relied on to come up with the 'right' answers ... Gag Them.


PF did get one thing straight ... women cannot validly receive the Sacrament of Holy Order. So he sought a way round this. And what he came up with was the opening out of certain important roles ... not least in the Roman Curia ... to lay people. That is what lies behind the Bergoglian 'reorganisation' of the Curia. Especially the clever idea of confusing the sacramental structure of the Church with the administrative authority of the Papacy.


As long ago as 1958, the great Anglican Catholic theologian the Reverend Professor Doctor Eric Mascall, Oratory of the Good Shepherd, of this University, had identified precisely this dodge as part of the temptation to corruption of a tyrannical papacy. In his The Recovery of Unity, he wrote at length about "the power of the Pope to overrule by his administrative authority the sacramental structure of the Church". He criticised this "tendency ... to submerge the sacramental aspect of the Catholic Church beneath the administrative and juridical, a tendency which is inevitable if the absolute dominion of the papacy  over the episcopate is to be maintained."


I wonder why, in the wise designs of Providence, we were invited to bring all our baggage into the Catholic Church, just a few short years before Bergoglianity. Any ideas?




Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

Well, I can think of one or two - but if I were still a seminarian in a certain priestly community that adhered to the ancient Roman rite, it would not be wise to mention them - at least to the party in power (there were probably many clerics who agreed with me and you, Magister Johannes, but things were arranged so that they generally got nowhere. One who did, a seminary rector, ended up leaving and getting married. We corresponded on these very issues. Oh well ...

Et si cujusdam dominae profestricis oxoniensis in precibus tuis et missis memineris ...


E sapelion said...

"Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress ..." MaoZedong

As any gardener can tell you, 99 of them will turn out to be weeds, in the opinion of the Gardener, and will need to be chopped down.

ArthurH said...

It was part of the Divine lifeboat system for the True Church.

Archimandrite Gregory said...

Apathetic catholics who now are muzzled by vatican 2 shenanigans have what they deserve, a pope 9f fools and not just on April 1.

Kathleen1031 said...

Any Catholic of yesterday would be horrified this man has been put up with for so long.
When it became obvious he refused to kneel for Christ in the Blessed Sacrament but kneels easily for Communists, St. Peter's square should have been filled, with us.
I realize this doesn't answer your question, but it bears saying.

coradcorloquitur said...
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coradcorloquitur said...

I fear Archimandrite Gregory and Kathleen above are absolutely correct: we, comfortable Catholics, have exactly what we deserve. The Just Lord does not forget indifference to the inestimable gift of the True Faith. Perhaps that is the great sin against the Holy Ghost.

John Vasc said...

What is now happening seems a very salutary purging of indifferentism and readiness to compromise. Yea yea, nay nay. An increasingly clear floodlight is thrown on crucial liturgical and moral dividing lines, after years of drift and pretended compromise.
This is something to be grateful for: we now know what we must do.