29 September 2022


 I return to the urgent canonical question of proceedings against popes whose orthodoxy has been called into doubt.

With regard to Pope Bergoglio, the Heavy Lifting has been done already. The Filial Correction which a small group of us put together (but which attracted considerable support) would do nicely as an indictment.

In suggesting this, I speak only for myself; not for the other members of our group. 

ACTION THIS DAY, as somebody used to scribble on proposals put to him. 


Moritz Gruber said...

I think the canonical procedure is "sigh, sleep and wait for better times in either this life or the next".

Unknown said...

Amen, Father.

Toulon-Frejus 2022
Je me souviens.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle...

Matthew F Kluk said...

One day the Church as a whole will consign everything about Pope Francis to a garbage can in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. And I'd like to imagine they'll rebury him under a leaking set of pipes in the worst corner of the Vatican crypts.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. You've performed admirably when it comes to the heterodoxy (material heresy) of this Pope but I don't think any formal action will be taken because no matter what any group of Cardinals or Bishops do they know he will not admit to any wrong doing, nor will he accept correction; he will dig in his heels and say he is being politically pilloried and he will not leave even if he is judged guilty of heresy.

He has the world on his side and, sadly, the Catholic Church surrendered to the world, its ancient and permanent enemy, during Vatican Two and.the world wil kick uo a ruckus if its favorite Pope of all time leaves.

He leaves feet first. That is the only way he leaves.

E sapelion said...

I really do not understand where heresy comes into this discussion. Many Eastern Orthodox churches have procedures which can lead to second non-sacramental marriages and yet we have lifted all the anathemas between us
I wonder, did you or any of your co-signatories of the Filial Correction consider the views expressed by Joseph Ratzinger in the paper "Zur Frage nach der Unauflöslichkeit der Ehe: Bemerkungen zum dogmengeschichtlichen Befund und zu seiner gegenwärtigen Bedeutung" in Ehe und Ehescheidung: Diskussion unter Christen, Kösel-Verlag, München, 1972, pp. 35-56
available in translation at

Fr Edward said...

Imagine though; Newman was wrong and Manning was right about it all.
Then what do we do?

John Vasc said...

By the time PF leaves office, he will have made damn sure he has accomplished all his aims by the simple method of electing so many like-minded cardinals, of young enough age, that the next papal election is guaranteed to vote in another PF in a trice, regardless of minority opposition.
When Bergoglio let it be known among his high-ranking supporters that he would be 'working faster' to realize his reforms should he find his time curtailed, this is what he meant - creating cardinals.
Given this smug future perspective, neither he nor his supporters give a damn about any theological critique. The ability to understand Catholic theology, or identify heresy, has been educated out of all except a minority of Catholics - who have now been marginalised in a classic scapegoating manoeuvre.
The Filial Correction is eloquent and damning. But how many can read it, and understand its dire implications? A small percentage of Catholics worldwide.
It's not about Truth any more, it's about crude numbers.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

What us Catholics must do is read and then reread St. Vincent of Lerins, Commonitory, and follow his teaching abut holding to Tradition while God permits prelates to teach novelties as the way God tests us to see if we love Him.

No matter what happens, I will not leave the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church Jesus established and has always been the head of

(when the going gets tough the tough end sentences with prepositions).