30 August 2022


 A forgotten element in Benedict XVI's plan for a growing together of the different liturgical tendencies in the Latin Churches was his hope that the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms would enrich each other.

And that they would do so gently and harmoniously. He had no desire for the sort of  rabid bigotry which has become such a lamentable element in the every-day enforcement of Bergoglianity in its currently vicious and most intolerant form.

Yet such a rapprochement is already precedented.

In the Ordinariate Rite, Mass may optionally begin with the 'old' Preparation at the foot of the Altar. The S Pius V silent Offertory prayers may optionally replace those of S Paul VI. And, at the end of Mass, the Johannine Prologue, 'the Last Gospel', may optionally follow the Blessing.

And these three elements are authorised over the signature of PF's very own Roche.

Of course, even the 'legislation' of PF in no way prohibits the use of Latin. Even for PF, it would be preposterous for 'Rome' to attempt to prohibit in the name of Vatican II what Vatican II explicitly mandated: the continued use of Latin.

Such an extension to all Latin-Rite clergy of the permissions freely available to ex-Anglican priests would be an Enrichment as well as a welcome henotikon.

Legislation to effect this would enable the next stage in the Mutual Enrichment to be gently and christianly discerned.

Early business for the next pontificate?

Malevolent Cupichians would dislike this ... but ... how many readers would lose any sleep about that?


Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

Reverende Domne,

As I understand it, the two ancient English universities (but certainly your own, my ignorance stems from having been to another place north of the Border) had the ancient practice of the BCP Holy Communion service in Latin (that being a 'language understanded of the people' in such learned places).

Since Vatican II mandates Latin as a language to be carefully preserved for all the Faithful, might it not logically follow that in these two august places (or at least yours) the Ordinariate rite be celebrated in Latin?

This may well lead to great mutual enrichment, combined with inculturation of the finest sort.

armyarty said...

I can't see how the Novus Ordo can ever enrich the Traditional Mass, since any good left in it, it got from what came before it.

I continually see a parade of aberration and faithlessness, and novelty, all brought about by the VII Bomb that landed on the Church.

It is time to clean up the mess and get on with the serious business of working out our salvation.

Just over 50 years of making apologies for the feckless Paul VI has been an outrageous waste of time and effort, and has cost us dear not only in treasure, but in souls. Lost souls, never evangelized, or fallen away.

Go by St. James Church in New York City- which loudly proclaims, in cut stone lettering, that it is an awesome place, that it is the gate of Heaven and the House of God. Except that it's not- it's an empty building. One among many. That is the fruit of Vatican II, and you do not get bad fruit from a good tree.

Fr PJM said...

There just might be a little scripture passage in the Pauline lectionary that is not in the Traditional one. But this would be lost in the forest of censored passages in the more recent one.

Matthew F Kluk said...

"You do not get bad fruit from a good tree." Amen. Yet we're always being told it's Springtime.

PM said...

I hesitate to correct the learned Fr Hunwicke on a point of language, but is not the 'malevolent' in 'malevolent Cupichians' redundant?