14 August 2022

Ta Niketeria: GAUDE MARIA VIRGO ...

... cunctas haereses sola interemisti in universo mundo! The Theotokos is Joy embodied, because she has trodden down beneath her virgin foot every heresy whatsoever and wheresoever. Her eschatological Victory which enables her to behold the Father with unclouded vision (Matthew 5:8) will prevail, because (and only because) her Divine Son has told us to be of good courage for he has overcome the kosmos (John 16:33). As she once put down the Arians, so today her immaculate purity will put down the errors of those who, reportedly, are plotting in Rome the evisceration of Humanae Vitae

Our Byzantine brethren hail the great Mother of God with the title Hupermakhos strategos; our Great Fieldmarshall; the one who Transcends the Battle. 

It is to you, Unbrided Bride, that we ascribe the Victory Songs!

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Chatto said...

I saw recently an iconographer on Facebook painting an icon. Facebook translated the title as 'Virgin Mary the Superfighting General'. I think we should adopt this title immediately!