27 June 2022

Narratives, narratives

I congratulate fellow Catholics in the United States for their success in rolling back the murderous aggression of foeticide.

I think I know what the next stage will be in this contest between Good and Evil.

The partisans of the Enemy will start bringing forward gruesome accounts of women who, unhappily, have died in childbed. It will be claimed that these tragedies happened because they were refused abortions. Medical sources may subsequently give the facts about how those deaths truly occurred; but the Enemy has never allowed mere facts to deflect him.

Something like that happened in Ireland. I anticipate a period which may perhaps come to be called The War Of The Narratives.

Our current National Gauleiter has condemned the SCOTUS decision. And a rabbi, speaking in a Beeb slot called Thought For the Day, which is supposed to be non-controversial, has also put SCOTUS in its place.

God bless and keep the peoples of America.


Arthur H. said...


A blessed Name Day, and Tenth Anniversary of your admission to the Presbyterate of the Ordinariate.
It is all about Office.

We have forgotten the office that Our Lord has for us, a unique office. Thank you for pursuing the Office to which Our Lord was calling you!

Just finishing GKC's Autobiography, and in it he gives a touching tribute to Mrs. Alice Meynell, a book of whose poetry I happened to purloin from a seminary library, many years ago, as it lay on the back step, ready to be taken and tossed into the gorge of the Genesee River.
I'm sure you know her poem, Maternity, which I hold to be the most profound poem ever written. So we pray for all people, especially Mothers, that they recognize, Idou! the dignity of the office to which God the Father is calling them, freely, uniquely, time out of mind. Thank you for your prayers and labors for us, Father.

Marc in Eugene said...

Thank you. You're right about the 'war of the narratives', which is already begun. The next step (unfortunately my state has already provided a substitute law, from 2017, which more or less allows abortion on demand until birth) is for the Congress to enact a law that recognizes that the unborn are people who enjoy, with their already born fellow citizens, the equal protection of the law. As Father N. said in his sermon at Mass on Sunday, paraphrasing, we here in Oregon live in one of the most pro-abortion states of the Union and so have a hard uphill road in front of us but, after all, who seriously entertained (before the famous 'leak') the likelihood that the Court would ever overthrow the Roe and Casey regime?

coradcorloquitur said...

No, no one would have reasonably expected the reversal of Roe. But it has happened thanks to the recent appointment to the Supreme Court of three pro-life justices by a president much maligned and lied about---even by some on this very blog. Oh, but I forgot: his tweets were mean!

John Vasc said...

I hope our current Gauleiter dares to present himself for Holy Communion somewhere where the Bishop has strong and orthodox views on eating and drinking damnation to oneself, and on the episcopal obligation to save souls wherever possible: say, in the diocese of Portsmouth.

Jonathan said...

I found the narrative around Ireland particularly tasteless. For many years under their anti abortion rules the maternal death rate was half that in the UK where abortion is freely available.