26 June 2022

idou, exelthen ho speiron tou speirai ...

 The Beeb has recently had lots of North Americans and others on screen to educate those of us who are cursed to live in what Donald Rumsfeldt once disdainfully called Old Europe ...

I wonder how large the fees are that these folk are paid. I expect the Bimbosphere relies massively on such sources of income.

Almost all of these Pundits ... curious coincidence ... were opposed to the striking down of Roe versus Wade. In fact, quite vehemently so. One such lady started (literally) writhing to camera. Very hootworthy.

And I did enjoy the Pundit who explained that Roe versus Wade was "a seminal ruling". It's so cheering to get an occasional (sporadic?!? Geddit?) laugh ... even, an occasional piece of almost-sophisticated verbal wit.

But perhaps the ruling should, for decency's sake and in Mixed Company, be renamed "Roe versus W***".

P.S. The only speaker who has mentioned, in my hearing, 'Democracy', is Mr Trump. Can somebody explain to me, a befuddled mere European, why a decision made in the 1970s by a Court consisting of appointees is "settled" for so many fierce people, while the notion that it might be subject to review by democratically elected State legislatures is an outrage? (Not that I have a superstitious regard for 'Democracy' ... my point ... you understand me ... is exclusively ad hominem ... in Locke's sense of that phrase ...)


Tito Edwards said...

I didn't know that Brits identified as Europeans?

Chrysologos said...

Ad Tito:
Britain is part of the continent of Europe and therefore British people are European. Britain is not part of the 'European Union' which contains not all countries of Europe.

Banshee said...

Americans who attend normal public schools run by their city or county, or normal private schools run on a shoestring, are generally obliged by law to study the American system of government, as well as US history.

But Americans who attend very expensive private schools generally do not study civics or American government, and get very deficient schooling in American history. Instead, they are politically indoctrinated, and learn some weird version of European history.

Several years back, I remember that a bunch of Harvard freshmen, native to the US, protested being flunked on an assignment -- because their answers revealed both that they were copying off each other; and that they neither knew anything about how Congress worked, nor had bothered to look it up. Twenty or thirty of them, all equally clueless.

The question was one that they should have been able to answer off the top of their heads. There is even a minute-long cartoon about it for toddlers and elementary school kids.

So yes, these pundits do not know or care how the Supreme Court works, or what our Constitution is about. They don't even want to look it up, on an Internet full of sources.

peregrinusto said...

They became part of Old Europe when connected by the Chunnel. Adolph Hitler had tried to make BRITS part of Europe in the mid 20th Century; but they resisted. -- Wonder why?

Tito Edwards said...

I was being ironic.


Dad of Six said...

"...why a decision made in the 1970s by a Court consisting of appointees is "settled" for so many fierce people, while the notion that it might be subject to review by democratically elected State legislatures is an outrage?"

As a native Michigander, I can provide some answers for you Father. There is a lot of money to be made in those clinics, both in providing the abortion 'service' and with the remains going off to the highest bidder for 'medical research'. Within a month abortion will be illegal in up to half the states with more joining that club by the end of the year. I pray that Michigan is one of them.

Also, the proponents of abortion serve a bloody master who undoubtedly is in a rage that the stream of human sacrifice is slowing down. He's going to take his rage out those that have failed him.

Marc in Eugene said...

Those people liked the fact that the one Supreme Court decision settled the matter for the entire nation, permitting the pretense at a 'right to abortion'. And, as the passage of almost 50 years has demonstrated, it is difficult to reform a Court decision, allowing them ('those people') to concentrate their political energies on advancing the other causes dear to what pass for their hearts. And 'those people' (who are found in both major political parties) also liked the usefulness of the issue to their fund-raising and get-out-the-vote efforts... difficile est saturam non scribere.