28 March 2022

The Household Cavalry

Our British Household Cavalry have horses which are immaculately  trained ... except for one detail.

Accordingly, after every major event, they are followed by little men with brooms and buckets.


First, Mr Biden said that, if the Russkies used illegal weapons, the Land Of The Free would do the same.

Secondly: he assured his troops that they would soon be personally witnessing the heroism of the Ukrainian military.

And now, thirdly, he has explicitly called for Regime Change in Russkiland.


I most devoutly hope that the U S of A have a good reserve supply of brooms and buckets, and plenty of coprophiliac Blinkens.


John Vasc said...

Mr Biden is rather like one of those architectural eyesores it is best to live in, in order to avoid having to look at it.
He must indeed be a happy man, as he is the only one who remains blissfully unaware of the havoc he consistently wreaks.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. The Empire of lies is committing economic suicide


and more and more Putin looks less and less like the latest Hitler.

American leadership is entirely corrupt and despicable and it hates its own citizens - especially white male Christians - but the vast majority of white male Christians have not the first clue of that undeniable reality.

C'est la vie.

Anita Moore said...

Because they are a bunch of destroyers, our rulership here been agitating for war with Russia for years. The propaganda that passes for news has been trying to whip up public support for military intervention in Ukraine, but I don't think they have succeeded. The latest Pew poll says that only 35% of Americans support military intervention. In my book, that is still far too high a number after two years of the most blatant, bald-faced lying we have ever been subjected to.

I personally think that Pope Francis' consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart was probably indeed The Big One that our Lady requested, and I really hope I am right. We have never been more in need of it.

Albertus said...

It is said, that Biden - and the US military-industrial complex, would like to see the Russian war in the Ukraine drag out a long while, so that as many arms and supplies as can be will be sold, and, more importantly, so that the Russians will be exhausted enough so as not to invade a member of NATO, such as Poland or Lithuania, which would force the USA and allies to become directly involved, with an unavoidable nuclear war following. During the Divine Office i pray the "Commemoratio de pace" for the Ukraine, and offer every Holy Mass these days for the victory of the Ukraine and a just peace, whereby the Ukraine would not become occupied or incorporated into Russia, which would mean purges, persecutions, deportations, mass executions, and this they know fully well: hence they truly have no other choice than to fight until victory, or a just peace accord. For todays nationalist, orthodox Russia is, alas, under Putin's ever more paranoid, isolationist, imperialistic, self-glorifying and dictatorial regime, not so very much different from the defunct Soviet Union, whose propaganda style, mass repression measures, expansionistic foreign policy, and threats of nuclear war it is now imitating. I do hope that the recent consecration of Russia to the Imacculate Heart, as imperfect as its wording was, will nonetheless bring peace to the Ukraine ant to the whole world, and the true conversion of Russia from the present-day putinised politicised state-subservient deformation of Eastern Orthodox Christianity to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic faith.

Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

I have no desire, in some seemingly surreal way, Mr John Vasc, to live within Joe Biden. You must truly have a strange view of the world.

Dad29 said...

The US Government also "leaked" that Biden has changed policy re: nukes. Going forward, nuke-use will NOT be exclusively defensive.


Nighthawk said...

Did someone wake General MacArthur from the slumber of death?

JOSEPH said...

As I understand it a story goes like this, a Bishop from Australia was seeing the troops off for the world war.He was asked to give a blessing for the troops He refused saying "I do not bless war but peace."Would it be a bit of semantics to say NO to a "Just War" Dogma and call it
a"Just Defense" Dogma?

JOSEPH said...

MY bad,"Just Defence" Dogma.