4 March 2022

Lots of News ...

 Good pictures on my screen yesterday of coal mines going at full pelt so that "the West" will no longer need to worry about having Russky gas and oil cut off! Splendid!! It seems only a few weeks since we had yet another of those 'Climate Change' Conferences with gallons galore of moralising about the absolute and over-riding obligation of Saving The Planet For Our Great Grandchildren. Mega!! Good to know that Mother Earth ... and our Great Grandchildren ... no longer need to be Saved from the dreaded Carbon! Phew! What a relief!

And there were eloquent remarks from one of our politicians, about trying Russky generals for War Crimes. What makes this splendid news all the more welcome is that it presumably must imply that the US of A are finally going to sign up to the International Criminal Court!!

And the same fellow has threatened Russky generals that they will be "hunted down". Why do the most ineffectual politicians so often come up with the most robustly virile rhetoric?

And, on successive days, we have been told about the channel Russia Today being banned from our airwaves (quite right too! ban it now!); and that the Russkies are (wicked tyrants!) to be condemned for daring to prevent their populations from hearing The Facts being broadcast from Western Media. Absolutely right!

Yesterday, we strolled down to the River for Torpids. Neither Earth nor Air nor Fire was the dominant Element ... but an undergraduate grandson was rowing. Nec sine fausto effectu! What was, additionally, immensely cheering was to see the Ukrainian Flag prominent on boathouses each side of the River. 

A welcome change from the addiction of many in their generation to the upsetting and divisive LBGT flag! 

What passionate and principled poppets the Young are!


Compton Pauncefoot said...

I often tell people that my father took part in the Nuremberg trials but then forget to explain in what capacity.

Joshua said...

Seeing the vast protesting crowds gathered in European capitals and worldwide, I was reminded of the vast crowds that gathered in European capitals at the outbreak of the Great War, shouting "To Paris!" or "To Berlin!": the mood throughout the West is so hostile to the attack of Putin's Russia on Ukraine, that if Russia had no nuclear weapons, I have no doubt that NATO would have already joined the war on Ukraine's side.

As it is, we are doing everything short of going to war: Western nations (all, many or some of them, as the case may be, but daily more of them) are daily tightening crushing economic sanctions against Russia's economy and her elite, have forbidden Russian aircraft to enter their airspace, have refused Russians ships the right to dock or have seized them, are sending weapons to Ukraine, and some (the UK, Canada, Denmark, Czechia, etc.) are even permitting their citizens to volunteer to fight in the Ukrainian army. For the moment, Russia is still selling its fossil fuels to the West, but such is the mood that, even at great cost to our own economies, I expect to see the West boycott those goods also - or Russia to cut them off in retaliation for all the West's actions.

If worse and worse massacres take place in Ukraine, I could foresee the West imposing a total trade, travel, financial and economic embargo on Russia, and not merely freezing but seizing and expropriating all Russian assets, perhaps to use to fund humanitarian relief and to purchase weaponry for the Ukrainian army. Will Sweden and Denmark close the Danish Straits to Russian shipping? Would Turkey do the same? Could the West attempt a blockade of all Russian shipping?

And at what point will the Autocrat of All the Russias (Putin, strange successor of Catherine the Great, who according to him also faced "ingratitude" from Ukraine!) judge that all these actions of the West constitute war against Russia, and therefore he will attack us, even with nuclear weapons? Or will that happen even without further Western actions against his regime, if he seizes much of Ukraine, and then fatefully orders his minions to cross the border into Estonia, say?

Two weeks ago all that I have just written would have seemed the ravings of a madman: I wish they were. But everything that Putin has openly spoken of - save the invasion of a NATO member (in pursuit of his restoration of the USSR or rather the Russian Empire), and the use of nuclear weapons - has now come to pass.

We are indeed in grave danger from that evil man.

God convert him, or - sweep him away from the earth.

Evangeline said...

Well put. The only time I recollect such gaslighting was during our recent Covid mania, although climate change is going to be the next rager, watch and see. These people are positively hooked on hype and adrenaline rushes, also crying on cue about some group or another. It's like we're all 14 year-old girls now.
I really cannot believe the level of clown world we are all experiencing. I find it hard to imagine anyone over 50 can't entirely see through this. Look around and ask yourself, how is it I would find myself on the same "side" as these oddballs. Then think again.
It seems possible only Christians see through it. God gave us discernment for a reason.

Prayerful said...

Ukraine has abolished COVID and Climate Change - a miracle of this age. I don't doubt the Russian invasion is not right, and the likely result is many Greek Rite Catholics will suffer, but the anti-Russia hysteria is disgusting. Accenture sacked thousands of Russian staff for pretty much upvotes on Reddit and reports are coming in of threats against Russian businesses.

E sapelion said...

About 45 years ago I and 2 friends narrowly missed the ceremonial decommissioning of the last coal-gas works in Scotland. We were all industrial archaeology enthusiasts, so passing the gas works and seeing lots of suits milling about getting into limousines, we stopped to see what was going on. The workers were of course delighted to let us look round and to feel the warmth from the now empty ovens.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Rejoie and be glad you do not have as your leaders the leaders us Americans have.

The other day during the State of The Union Address to both madhouses of congrerss POTUS Biden confused the Iranians with the Ukrainians and praised their spirit.

As Biden lamented the danger our soldiers were in waging past wars near highly toxic burn pits ,The San Francisco freak Nancy Pelosi (Speakr of the House) slowed rose to her feet rubbing her knuckles together while a creepy smile spread over her face as her false teeth threatened to migrate from her mouth.

Knuckles Nancy is as demented as Biden and literally not one person (Least of all her) has any idea of why she was acting that way.

During an earlieri portion of Biden's address, The leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, was caught on camera iwith a sad case of premature acclamation (standing before Biden's putative killer line) and had to briefly scootch down to sit before standing with a gigantic goofy smile.

These are our leaders. People voted for them.

As inflation goes up higher than the pitched laughter of Fox TV Star Tucker Carlson (He shrikes in laughter like a junior high school field hockey player who just sneaked in a winning goal thorough the five hole of a butter ball Goalie named Nancy) Americsa turns its lonely eyes to you, Joe Dimaggio.

Mary Kay said...

Priceless! We may be facing the '...end of the world as we know it...' but it is good to enjoy the ride. Thank you, Father!

Mary K Jones (formerly from Portland OR USA, now happily in Texas)

Jhayes said...

A PBS/NPR/Marist Poll reported Friday night that:

83% of Americans say they support the sanctions on Russia
69% say they support “sanctions even if energy prices rise”
Mr. Biden’s “Job Approval Rating” has risen to 47% (it was in the thirties)