27 January 2022

The Revocation of Traditionis Custodes

Frankly, I see little likelihood of The Next Pope simply revoking Traditionis custodes. That's, somehow, not the style of the papal bureaucracy.

But think of S John XXIII's Veterum Sapientia, 1962, signed by him on the High Altar of S Peter's. It mandated the intensive teaching of Latin in priestly Formation. It had lots of detailed enactments (it might almost have been put together by an infant diaper-clad roche!!!) to ensure that this definitely happened. For example: the sacking of all seminary professors unable to teach orally in Latin ...

It has never been revoked. Nor, more sadly, has it ever been obeyed.

It has just been constantly and consistently ignored. 

It is undoubtedly Law; but if a law is universally ignored ...

I think our best hope, when the Lord is satisfied that PF has finally appointed enough Cardinal Electors, is for Tc simply to fade gracefully away. 'Cheshire Cat' legislation! But without the grin!


Brian Thompson said...

The problem is the enforcement. Many bishops care about (and for some reason agree with) TC, whereas they could not care less about VS.

Indeed, many bishops made or enforced any number of ultra vires local laws, or policies, or threats (veiled or unveiled) directly contrary to SP and other liturgical freedoms/rights. I doubt these types would just let TC fade away.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Not a few of these "laws" in both the City of Man and The City of God are something to laugh at, if one has a good sense of humor.

The US Constitution says that only gold and silver coins are legal tender but in the 1930s possession of gold was ruled illegal and gold was taken from citizens.

And now we have Bergoglio claiming that Quo Primum now means the Real Mass is not permitted.

The respective authorities do not care that they are laughed at because they have power.

In fact, it may be the case that some who hold power love to issue inane laws because it shows the common man who really has the power and lording it over them and depriving them of their legitimate rights give satisfaction to those who misuse their power and authority.

Ha, i have power an i shall crush them like the are the bugs I think they are.

Tito Edwards said...

Kind of how the entire Church in America ignored anything written down in the documents of Vatican II.

John Vasc said...

I fear that precisely the Cardinal electors that PF has appointed are the very reason why Tc will not fade away. It is clear that Francis has spent vast reserves of time and energy in ensuring his succession will go further than he did down the primrose-coloured Liberal/Modernist path.

PM said...

We have a perfect example in the injunctions of Sacrosanctum Concilium that Latin should be retained in the rites of the Western Church (with some rpt some expanded use of the vernacular), that Gregorian chant should have first place in liturgical music, and that the people should be encouraged to so g the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin chant.

Then there was the prohibition under Paul VI of dancing girls (or, for that matter, dancing boys) in the Mass.

Or the prohibition on make-up-your-own Eucharistic Prayers.

I could go on, but enough said.

Dan said...

In my heart I know it is true that the next Pope will not be inclined to do a U turn on TC. I nevertheless pray for it and hope for it. For the reasons Brian Thompson points out, the situation with TC is not comparable to the situation with the use of Latin; the situations are actually close to being completely the opposite in fact. The consequence of all this is that TC will be a source of continuing conflict so long as it is in force. For this reason I am hopeful that it will be substantially cut back even if it is not repealed completely. My guess is that the compromise will be that the stated goal of extinguishing the tradtional Mass will be formally abandoned but everything will be left to the local bishops who will be free to do with it as they wish -- to suppress it or let flourish or do something in between.

PM said...

There is a good piece in the Pillar on whether bishops have the authority (as Cupich et al have been doing) to forbid Ad Orientem celebration of the Novus Ordo. The answer, if one takes canon law, the rubrics and previous rulings form Rome seriously, would seem to be no. But precedent, law and logic do not seem to count for much these days.

spottedMetal said...

"Frankly, I see little likelihood of The Next Pope simply revoking Traditionis custodes. That's, somehow, not the style of the papal bureaucracy."

And yet it is what I pray for every day.

Whatever the bureaucratic style may be, does not Traditionis custodes set up the precedent (if there were none before) for its own revocation, with the words of Article 8: "Previous norms, instructions, permissions, and customs that do not conform to the provisions of the present Motu Proprio are abrogated." ?

Banshee said...

Most young people who stay in the Church are traditionally minded, to some degree. Anyone wanting huge change usually figures out that they want to stay home, or to become Unitarians or wackEpiscopalians.