14 September 2021


I drafted this piece before PF's hospitalisation and Traditionis custodes.

There are all those able Vaticanologists who know people ... what can you and I add in this poor little blog?

But here goes a putting together of two and two.

(1) The CDF received questions about the giving of Blessings to homosexual couples. CDF drafted their response.

(2) Cardinal Ladaria showed it to PF. The usual procedure is that the Pope signifies his approval of a document and orders it to be published. BUT, this time, he simply said that he had been informed, and gave his assent to its publication. 

(3) At a subsequent Public Audience, he berated Rigid People. 

(4) An American priest devoted to a certain brand of ministry got in touch with PF: who replied in a very personal, positive, and hand-written way.

(5) Meanwhile, rumours had been circulating that PF was planning an intervention regarding the the Authentic Use of the Roman Rite.

Perhaps this simply leaves these questions: exactly how cross is PF? Cross enough to over-rule the criticisms already made by his curial advisers?

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