2 August 2021

An Anglican Speaks ...

  ... videlicet Dom Gregory Dix in Shape, who wrote of

"... a certain timelessness about the eucharistic action and an independence of its setting, in keeping with the stability in an ever-changing world of the forms of the liturgy themselves. ... In this twentieth century [Blessed, soon now to be Saint] Charles de Foucauld in his hermitage in the Sahara 'did this' with the same rite as [Saint] Cuthbert twelve centuries before in his hermitage on Lindisfarne in the Northern seas. This very morning I 'did this' with a set of texts which has not changed by more than a few syllables since [Saint] Augustine used those very words at Canterbury on the third Sunday of Easter in the summer after he landed."

Can such a rite with such auctoritas really be stolen from any presbyter of the Latin Church? From any Roman Catholic priest, in England or anywhere?

By any legislative fiat or any act of naked violence of any innovator?

One very learned English priest has recently described "the provision of this liturgy" ... when it is permitted merely as "a remedial concession for those who are yet to find their way to the true Roman Rite" ... as "both crass and cruel".

Someone in Rome seems to have borrowed some ideas from Someone in China about the forcible cultural assimilation of Uighurs. Papa Xi! I have instructed my household to be careful about to whom they open the door. No Hawkers, No Pedlers, No Brainwashers.

For me, PF has created a new problem with regard to the Usus Deterior of the Roman Rite. He has ideologised it ... turned it into symbol of something other than itself ... made it a signum efficax of his own personal detestation of the Great Tradition and hatred of certain people. I'm going to have to think about the implications for me of this disturbing imposition of new meaning.

[NOTE: new usage ... I'm experimenting with 

UA = Usus Authenticus

UD = Usus Deterior] 


The Saint Bede Studio said...

Thank you for another most interesting post, Father.

I'm sure many of us would be interested to read your reflections on article which has appeared in the Ordinariate Newsletter concerning "Traditionis Custodes" written by "Snapdragon".

Unknown said...

Dear Father, thank you for your insights today. May I please beg you to give up initials in place of words? It seems to me we have been urged to do this because of computer use and the allowance of only so many words per post, or worse, per tweet. What does that have to do with our use of language? My husband tells me this use of initials saves time. Time for what? What is the hurry? Please don't do it!
Barbara in Canada

Expeditus said...

Perhaps PF should reread Galatians where he would learn that something appearing centuries later cannot nullify the promise. The NO may have been introduced for the sake of transgressions!

vetusta ecclesia said...

Some interesting articles appearing on the similarities of the TC “ crisis” to the Jansenist controversies, and in the context of the Papacy’s need to control the narrative about V2

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. ABS grants you permission to use his descriptors:

The Real Mass

Lil' Licit Liturgy

El Codo said...
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Arthur H. said...


Yesterday at Sunday Mass in the NO, with the OT reading from Exodus and the Gospel from John 6, the homily was one that I had heard of, but never actually heard. The priest, a native of the village, about 40 miles north of Boonville, NY (the location of that great Catholic Books repository, you must visit), and a member of one of those vanishing orders, up from NYC on vacation visiting family, gave the "manna is bug doo, and Jesus got the people to share their tuna fish sammiches" homily! I groaned audibly, but didn't stand up and respond. Mea culpa...

BUT since he's old, he gave away the object, which I have never heard in a homily before: he said in summary: "It doesn't matter HOW God did these things..." DING!

So, the point of this whole 50 year push is to get the people to think like unlettered vague Christians, and it has worked.

Now, I'm sure God, who had an eternity to plan those miracles, probably thinks it is important HOW those miraculous signs were done, AND what they are supposed to MEAN to us, so the how should also matter to us.

So here is the difference between those Catholics who want to understand the Faith so as to better believe and live the Faith, and those who do not want us to know the Faith, but just to "be kind and share" and go along with their "plans".

Certainly, there are those who are deluded into thinking that that's all there is to the Faith, but of course, most of them have already left, which is the diabolical chief's goal.

So, one purpose of ideologizing the NO, is to denigrate the Truth, by saying that the signs of God in the OT, and the signs performed by Jesus, just don't matter: to hold that they are signs to the Sacraments that have very specific meaning and power is rigid.

Ergo, what the Sacraments are, and how they are done, is almost completely ignored.

So the "liberal" faction must fight adamantly against those Catholics who hold that HOW the Sacraments are performed, with reverence and care, always insisting on proper Catechesis, preparation, etc, is absolutely important. Etcetera... God bless.

Dan said...

"For me, PF has created a new problem with regard to the Usus Deterior of the Roman Rite. He has ideologised it ... turned it into symbol of something other than itself ... made it a signum efficax of his own personal detestation of the Great Tradition and hatred of certain people."

This idea occurred to me also. There is a theory that no type of music is, in the abstract, holier than any other; that it is the associations with the music, rather than anything intrinsic to the sound itself, that make us think it is holy or not holy. For example: We think of rock music as not holy not because its rhythms are intrinsically unholy but because it is associated through the lyrics and behaviors of its promoters with sin. So too a religious rite can acquire associations. As father observes, TC associates the new Mass with hatred of Catholic tradition and those who love it. For this reason TC has deeply alienated me from the new Mass. There is anecdotal evidence that this alienation extends even to new Mass Catholics -- there are reports that the traditional Latin Mass has gained some converts from the new Mass in the couple of weeks since TC was issued.