8 February 2021

Bergoglian nominees to the Episcopate

So rumours are circulating that PF will appoint Blaise Cupich to head the Congregation for Bishops. And the suggestion is that this will produce the sort of cloned episcopate PF wants. 

(And there have been recent papal jokes about solving the problem of traddies in the Vatican.)

But perhaps this is only a rumour. Let us hope and pray ...

Nevertheless, I think there are already quite enough grave questions about the quality of some of those whom PF appoints to bishoprics. 

But who cares what I think? 

So let's forget me.

And let's instead turn to two of the most significant Catholic theologians of the modern Anglophone world.

(1) Fr Aidan Nichols. "[The pope's] programme would not have got as far as it has were it not the case that theological liberals, generally of the closet variety, have in the fairly recent past, been appointed to high positions both in the world episcopate and in the ranks of the Roman Curia".

This led to Fr Aidan, who has taught with distinction in this University, being forbidden to circulate any further the paper which included those words.

(2)  Fr Tom Weinandy wrote to PF with these words: "faithful Catholics can only be disconcerted by your choice of bishops, men who seem not merely open to those who hold views counter to Christian belief but who support and even defend them. What scandalises believers, and even some fellow bishops, is not only your having appointed such men to be shepherds of the Church, but that you also seem silent in the face of their teaching and pastoral practice. This weakens the zeal of the many women and men who have championed authentic Catholic teaching over long periods of time, often at the risk of their own reputations and well-being. As a result, many of the faithful, who embody the sensus fidelium, are losing confidence in their supreme shepherd."

This led to Fr Tom, who has served as a Head of House in this University, being sacked from a post he held from the US episcopal conference.


But who cares about this fusty old pair of pen-pushers ... however many books they may have published? It is probably very good for their souls for them to be treated like naughty little schoolboys.

(3) So let's go to somebody radically different; somebody who (while he also has written not a few books) is fully in touch with what goes on in Rome, in Curial Congregations, and throughout the Catholic world; a man who Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried: Gerhard Cardinal Mueller.

His Eminence has written about the "shameless half-education" of some episcopal nominees; "theological illiterates in bishops' hats"; "ideologues with a ridiculous super-papalism." 

A year or two ago, Cupich delivered a 'lecture' at Cambridge, after which he was entertainingly demolished (and by a mere retired Classicist). 

PF has dismissed Mueller as "a child". So that puts him in his place.

If the Bergoglios and the Cupiches are to count as Grown Ups and as competent theologians, may God protect His Church Militant and Patient from such adult sophisticates. 



Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Father. Council of Trent:


The manner of proceeding to the creation of Bishops and Cardinals.

If, as regards all manner of degrees in the Church, a provident and enlightened care is to be taken, that in the house of the Lord there be nothing disorderly, nothing unseemly; much more ought we to strive that no error be committed in the election of him who is constituted above all those degrees. For the state and order of the whole household of the Lord will totter, if what is required in the body be not found in the head. For which cause, although the holy Synod has elsewhere usefully ordained certain things touching those who are to be promoted to cathedral and superior churches, yet doth it account this office to be of such a nature, as that were it to be pondered upon in proportion to its greatness, there would never seem to have been caution enough taken. Wherefore It ordains, that, as soon as a church shall become vacant, processions, and prayers shall be made in public and private; and such shall be enjoined, by the Chapter, throughout the city and diocese; that thereby both clergy and people may be enabled to obtain from God a good pastor.

And as regards all and each of those who have, in any way, any right from the Apostolic See, or who otherwise have a part, in the promotion of those to be set over the churches; the holy Synod,-without making any change herein, from a consideration of the circumstances of the present time,-exhorts and admonishes them, that they above all things bear in mind that they cannot do anything more conducive to the glory of God, and the salvation of the people, than to study to promote good pastors, and such as are capable of governing a church; and that they sin mortally, becoming partakers in others' sins, unless they carefully endeavour that those be promoted whom they themselves judge the most worthy of, and useful to, the church, not guided by entreaties, or human affection, or the solicitations of pretenders, but by what the merits of the individuals require at their hands; and seeing that they be persons whom they know to have been born in lawful wedlock, and who, by their life, learning, and in all other qualifications, are such as are required by the sacred canons, and by the decrees of this Synod of Trent.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

And forasmuch as, by reason of the diversity of nations, peoples, and customs, a uniform system cannot be followed everywhere, in receiving the grave and competent testimony of good and learned men on the subject of the aforesaid qualifications, the holy Synod ordains, that, in a provincial Synod, to be held by the metropolitan, there shall be prescribed for each place and province a proper form of examination, scrutiny, or information, such as shall seem to be most useful and suitable for the said places, which form is to be submitted to the approval of the most holy Roman Pontiff; yet so, however, that, after that this examination, or scrutiny, as regards the persons to be promoted, shall have been completed, it shall, after being reduced into the form of a public document, be necessarily transmitted, as soon as possible, with all the attestations and with the profession of faith made by the individual to be promoted, to the most holy Roman Pontiff, in order that the said Sovereign Pontiff, having a full knowledge of the whole matter and of the persons, may, for the advantage of the Lord's flock, in a most useful manner provide those churches therewith, if they shall have been found, by the examination or scrutiny, suitable persons. And all the scrutinies, informations, attestations, and proofs of whatsoever kind, and by whomsoever made, even though in the Roman court, touching the qualifications of the person to be promoted, shall be carefully examined by a cardinal-who shall report thereon to the consistory-aided therein by three other cardinals; and the said report shall be authenticated by the signature of the cardinal who drew up the report, and of the three other cardinals; and therein each of the four cardinals shall make affirmation that, after giving exact attention thereto, he has found the persons to be promoted, endowed with the qualifications required by law, and by this holy Synod, and that, at the peril of his eternal salvation, he doth certainly think them fit to be placed over the churches: in such wise that, after the report has been made in one consistory, the sentence shall be deferred until another consistory, in order that the said inquiry may be more maturely looked into in the mean time,-unless the most blessed Pontiff shall judge it expedient to act otherwise.

And the Synod ordains, that all and singular the particulars which have been elsewhere ordained, in the same Synod, touching the life, age, learning, and the other qualifications of those who are to be appointed bishops, the same are also to be required in the creation of cardinals-even though they be deacons -of the holy Roman Church; whom the most holy Roman Pontiff shall, as far as it can be conveniently done, select out of all the nations of Christendom, as he shall find persons suitable.

Finally, the same holy Synod, moved by the so many most grievous afflictions of the Church, cannot avoid recording, that nothing is more necessary for the Church of God than that the most blessed Roman Pontiff apply especially here that solicitude, which, by the duty of his office, he owes to the Universal Church,-that he take unto himself, to wit as cardinals, persons the most select only, and that he appoint over each church, above all things, good and fit pastors; and this the more, for that our Lord Jesus Christ will require at his hands the blood of those sheep of Christ which shall perish through the evil government of pastors who are negligent, and forgetful of their office.


So, since 1960, how's all of those quality choices working out for us Catholics?

vetusta ecclesia said...

Any way we can access intormation on the Cupich lecture in another place and the ensuing classical demolition?

William Tighe said...

The lecture:


and the analysis:


Javier said...

Cardinal Blase Cupich
9 February 2018, The Von Hügel Lecture 2018

1. Audio-visual including questions and answers


2. The text of Cardinal Cupich’s lecture


Javier said...

Cardinal Blase Cupich
9 February 2018, The Von Hügel Lecture 2018

1. Audio-visual including questions and answers


2. The text of Cardinal Cupich’s lecture


Michael Ortiz said...

Here is the text: https://www.vhi.st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk/resources-folder/papers-presentations/cupich-annual-lecture-2018

Fr Edward said...

Please try not to be worried or anxious or angry about this, or anything else coming from the corridors of the ever so worldly powers of the Church. It's all angry hot air - it's all dust and ash.
"Pray, hope and don't worry," didn't that holy Capuchin tell us.

When bishops hand it on the truth, or they don't hand it on, the Holy Spirit tells the Church in our gut.
We pay attention or don't pay attention accordingly, didn't that holy Oratorian Cardinal tell us from his desk.

The supreme head of the Church is Jesus Christ.
It's time we reclaimed the slogan 'We Are Church' from the clerical powers.
We are infallible.

coradcorloquitur said...

We are before the reign not only of heresy in the high places but of consummate ignorance. Where, oh where, are Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope when we need them most?! Surely, new and updated versions of "Modest Proposal" and "Dunciad" are in order; we are in sore need!